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2400W diode laser machine

2400W diode laser machine is very very powerful, cooling effect is also very very super cooling than other models!
There are many fake 2400W diode laser machine in the China market, but we are the only ones who can make the real 2400W diode laser machine. Because we have been making diode laser machines for more than ten years, we have cooperated with laser bar manufacturers for many many years, so they will tell us the truth. At present, we are the only ones on the market who have requested to purchase 2400W palladium bars.

2400W diode laser machine teaches you to identify the real 2400W

2400W diode laser handle
















This is a two-row Laser bar, not a row. There are 12 palladium bars on each side, and 2 rows are 12*2=24 bars.
The spacing between palladium bars is very large, so each bar is 100W, not 50W. 100*24=2400W, so this is a real 2400W diode laser machine, not advertised as 2400W.

Here are two true stories about the false propaganda of diode laser power

diode laser power story 1:

fake 1200W, real 500w

This customer always thought that his diode laser machine was 1200W until his palladium bar broke and the machine could not work, so he contacted us to buy a new palladium bar. The customer said that he needs 1200W palladium strips because his diode laser machine is 1200W. With more than 10 years of sales experience, we already knew that the 1200W he mentioned might be fake, so we asked to see photos of his palladium bars. When the customer provided the photo of the palladium strip, we knew that it was a false 1200W and the real wattage was only 500W.

diode laser power story 2:

Real feedback from clients about real power

This customer is very professional client. He has long known that the market likes to make false claims. For example, a 1200W diode laser machine may actually only have 600W. Therefore, those of you in front of the screen must understand the wattage of real palladium bars so that you will not be deceived. There are many methods here. The simplest method is to ask the manufacturer to provide photos of the palladium strips. The wattage can be judged from the photos of the palladium strips to determine the real wattage of the diode laser machine.

2400W diode laser machine big spot size is 2.5*3cm

very big treatment tip

For 2400W diode laser machine, the spot size is also super big than before, 2.5*3cm, very very big, for big area hair removal, it can be NO.1 big, you can save treatment time. Because some people may think that the area is too large and the energy is not concentrated, so it is not used here at all. Worry, because energy is real 2400W, so big treatment size is very very very effective! In the market, the biggest size and normal size is 15*30mm, but 2400W diode laser machine is 25*30mm. Very big, Very fast, Very convenient!

The color of LED screen on handle can change color

As we all know We all know that the three primary colors (red, cyan, and yellow) can be mixed to produce all pigment colors. This 2400W diode laser machine handle LED screen part is also designed by this idea. so it supports thousands of different color combinations! This is very friendly to many operators who like different colors. You can change the color of the handle LED screen according to your mood at the moment.

Real feedback

diode laser machine good reviews from distributor

This customer is an agent from Israel. Their company is very professional. Last year, they visited many factories in China and selected six diode laser machines and brought them back to the company for testing. Because he wanted to choose a machine to apply for an Israeli medical certificate. After constant research, he chose Stellelaser this year. 👍👍🥳🥳❤️❤️


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