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Are you still choosing a diode laser that only costs several hundred dollars?

Are you still choose a diode laser that costs several hundred dollars? dear friends, If you are very familiar with the diode laser industry, you will know that a US Coherent laser bar cost is at least 750usd for 500W, 808nm. So you think you can spend 600 US dollars to buy a 1200W diode laser machine? If you spend $600 to buy a 1200W diode laser machine, are you sure it is 1200W? Are you sure yours is a real diode laser? There are many beauty device manufacturers on the market, and the prices are also very different, some are very low and some are very high. So how do you choose?

First of all, we need to know what is the approximate price of diode laser?

According to our over 10 years of experience, we know that the price of the most basic diode laser is more than 2,000usd. 80% of manufacturers have this price. If you encounter a diode laser that costs several hundred dollars, then you must have encountered a fake diode laser machine.

bad diode laser machine

Please check this picture, it is cost you 600usd, are you dare to buy it?  because this is not a diode laser machine, it is just a lighting lamp, it is just an LED lamp, just for lighting purposes. There is no permanent hair removal effect. So it is just a fake diode laser machine.

How to avoid being deceived?

Master certain basic knowledge for diode laser machine, the most important thing is the handle, and the most important thing in the handle is the laser bar. The laser bar is the most important part, the most effective and longest-lasting is the US Coherent laser bar. A US Coherent laser bar costs 750 USD, so if someone sells you a diode laser machine for several hundred dollars, there must be something fishy in it, so you should change the manufacturer quickly.

diode laser bar

diode laser handle

diode laser machine (2)

check mark icon 20The first picture is the US Coherent laser bar,  it is the classical one, and it is a 500W US Coherent laser bar. As we all know, we need to find a diode laser machine with a real US Coherent laser bar, it can cover 20 million shots, used at leat 8 years!

check mark icon 20The second picture is the Diode laser handle, it is very important to see the power, the treatment size, and the cooling level. this picture is the classical handle, treatment size is 15*15mm, we also can provide other 6 different handles, if you are interested in, you can contact us for free to ask for info.

check mark icon 20The third picture is the diode laser machine, it is the complete picture. support change shell color, support add LOGO on shell and screen, these services are all for free. Contact us for more details!


How to choose a trustworthy manufacturer?

First of all, it is best to find a real factory instead of a trader, because the factory will give you the lowest price and the fastest after-sales service. Secondly, take the initiative to ask for a video call with the manufacturer. Seeing is believing or not, See for yourself whether it is a real factory or just a trader. Don’t worry, you only need to buy one unit, the factory will sell it to you. The answer is yes. Because most manufacturers of beauty equipment have a minimum order quantity of 1 unit, so you can contact the manufacturer directly for 1 unit.

diode laser factory

Moreover, credible manufacturers are very responsible. They will be very patient from the time they introduce the product to you. After you purchase, they will also be very patient and polite before confirming the delivery details with you before shipping. After you receive the goods, if you need any help, you can contact the factory directly. Their services are generally lifelong, not just within the warranty period. Even if the machine exceeds the warranty, their service will not stop, so it is very, very necessary to find a trustworthy factory.

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