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CO2 Fractional Laser Machine 3 in 1 System


co2 fractional laser machine


Professional clinic use Fractional CO2 Laser with 3 systems
1. Fractional and cutting 2 systems standard; Gynecology system optional
2. Umanized software control, more effective in treatment results
3.14 variable treatment graphics, adjustable shapes, sizes and spacing
4. 7 Joints articulated light guiding arm; Convenient and flexible in operation, greatly reducing energy loss
5. USA imported RF laser tube; steady and even laser output
6. 1-3 times Fast and effective solve scar and vagical problem.
7. 360 degree scanning ability of fractional handle .
8.Minimal side effects and no down time.
9.Wide application for treatment of dermatology, gynecology, general surgery, ENT and anorectal etc.
Specification Fractional CO₂ Laser
Laser type USA Coherent laser (RF Tube, lifetime 5-10 years)
Wavelength 10600nm
Systems Fractional and cutting system standard; Vaginal system optional
Output Power 1-40W
Input Power 600W
Output Graphics Standard Triangles, Rectangles, Circles, Hexagons. Totally 14 graphics available.
Light guiding system 7 joints,360° rotation
Scanning mode Sequence, Random scanning
Spot size 0.08-0.12mm
Scan area Up to 20*20mm
Aiming beam 650nm red diode laser, laser power 0.1-5mW
Cooling system Air fan
Working Theory

Fractional Skin Resurfacing Working Theory

The new developed RF CO2 fractional laser fires a laser beam through RF CO2 tube which is split into numbers of microscopic beam, producing tinier dot than general CO2 laser (glass tube). The treatment tip can vaporize the outmost layers of the skin across a large surface by creating thousands of tiny, microscopic laser wounds, spaced in an even pattern across the skin, but leaving areas of healthy, untreated skin between them, the lower collagen layer of the dermis is stimulated to renew and repair. Therefore, the heat of laser only passes deeply through the factional damaged area, the surface of skin now contains only microscopic surface wounds, in stead of a large, red, oozing burn. During the skin self-resurfacing, a great amount of collagen is produced for skin rejuvenation, after some recovery, the newly-generated skin is remarkably smoother, healthier.

Vaginal Tightening Working Theory

Vaginal tightening laser is the use of water uptake 10600nm gold standard laser, using a three-dimensional lattice technology and 360-degree circular emission perfect combination of technology, to produce 50-70 degrees Celsius in a controlled depth of the vaginal mucosa, stimulate lamina propria and myometrium newborn fibroblasts, and damaged collagen fibers, elastic fibers, such as restructuring, so as to achieve vaginal wall thickening and tighteningof the vagina so that firmness, sensitivity enhancement, vagina tight as ever.

3 in 1 System (Fractional, Cutting, Gynecology)

We have fractional and cutting 2 systems as standard configuration; gynecology system as optional.

Fractional System                                                                      Cutting System                                                        Gynecology System

Reduces various scars (hypertrophic scars,                            CO₂ laser removes skin layers by                           Automatically 360°rotation.

depressed scars, bums, operation scars etc).                         vaporization. Removal age spot, sun                     Automatically treats the vaginal

Reduces seborrhetic keratosis, age pigment                           spot by cutting. After treatment,                            sickness, easy operation with precise

freckle, wrinkle, and uneven holes,skin                                    the skin will totally be smooth                                scale, computer control the
rejuvenation.                                                                                   than ever.                                                                     depth and speed.

7 Joints 360° Rotation Light Guiding Arm

Korean imported 7 Joints 360° Rotation Light Guiding Arm, output energy is more stable , smallest energy reduction.

14 Graphics

14 variable treatment graphics, adjustable shapes, sizes and spacing for different area treatments.

RF Metal Laser Tube from US Coherent

In market there are 2 types of CO2 emitter, glass tube and RF laser tube. We usd 30-40W RF Metal tube from US Coherent, ensure powerful and stable energy.

Why Choose Metal Tube Instead of Glass Tube?

Our RF tube life can reach more than 45,000 hours, generally can be used for at least 6 years, inflatable can be reused, no need to replace; while glass tube is only 8000-10000 hours, usually need to replace the glass tube for half a year, can not be repeated use.

Wide treatment range of Fractional CO2 Laser

Fractional CO2 Laser is widely used in the treatment of dermatology, gynecology, general surgery, ENT and anorectal etc. It has minimal side effects and no down time. Only thermal shocks to tiny area of the skin, little pain, no bleeding.

1- Skin resurfacing (Rough skin, coarse pores, dark skin, light damage…)
2- Wrinkles (Crow’s feet, head lines, Sichuan characters, Decree lines)
3- Pigmented nevus, epidermal pigmentation (freckles, etc.), epidermis (all kinds of warts) cutting
4- Scar Repair (acne scar, hypertrophic scar, burn scar, sunken scar, etc.)
5- Other applications (syringoma, condyloma, seborrheic, etc.)
6- Viginal care (Vaginal wall tightening, collagen remodeling, thicker and more resilient, labium whitening)
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CO2 Fractional Laser Machine 3 in 1 System

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