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Elos SHR Hair Removal Machine

PL1 is an advanced Elight IPL SHR Hair Removal Machine.Besides depilation, it can also do a variety of treatments based on the principle of selective photothermolysis,  which also called E-light or Elos. Compared with the normal IPL machines, Elight IPL SHR Hair Removal Machine is more effective in getting rid of unwanted hair, active acne, vascular and pigments, has best effect in photo rejuvenation and meantime it also have face lifting fuctions.

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Machine Model:  PL1E

Beauty System Type: Elos SHR Hair Removal Machine

Suitable For: Professional beauty salons, clinics, medical centers

Certificates: FDA, Medical CE, CE, RoHS, ISO 13485

How Does Elos SHR Hair Removal Machine Work?

IPL is a phototherapy treatment that uses intense pulsed light to remove hair. The light is delivered by a hand-held device that emits pulses of intense, broad spectrum light. The light waves penetrate the skin and are absorbed by the pigment in the hair shaft, which causes the hair to heat up and die.

The IPL process can take anywhere from 5-20 minutes depending on how many hairs need to be removed and how thick they are. It’s not uncommon for people to feel a slight tingling sensation during treatment.

IPL SHR OPT working theroy 4

ipl opt handle with 5 filters

What Treatment Elos SHR Machine Can Do?

We offer 5 filters for this IPL SHR OPT beauty salon machine . So that this machine can cover all below functions:

  1. 480nm~1200nm: Acne treatment
  2. 530nm~1200nm: Vascular treatment, photofacial for light skin.
  3. 590nm~1200nm: Pigmentation treatment, photofacial for dark skin.
  4. 640nm~1200nm: Hair removal for light skin
  5. 690nm~1200nm: Hair removal for dark skin

Why Choose This Machine?

xenon lamp uk

UK Xenon Lamp

UK xenon lamp is best brand for IPL SHR OPT lamp. It is high quality, stable and has longer lifespan!
(Lamp is one of the main factor that affects IPL machine lifespan, but it is not the most important factor. We’ve seen many competitor also using UK lamp but with only 300,000 shots lifespan.)

2 mode

2 Working Modes

SUPER Mode: fast flash mode (up to 10 flashes in 1 second), has better effect in large area hair removal like back, chest or leg.
IPL mode: Emit a bunch of light as a group, has better effect in small area skin treatment, like facial treatment.

ipl cooling

Strong Cooling

Combines double semiconductor TEC plates and advanced sapphair skin contact cooling technology togehter.
Deliver light energy deep under skin while still protect skin surface very well with best cooling effect. Ensure 100% painless in the treatment.

ipl big capacitor

Advanced OPT Tech

Even it is just a portable model, but we still use super big capacitors 2*22000uf, totally 44000 uf, ensures super strong and uniform energy in fast speed working, which also called as OPT (Capacitor is large enough to store enough energy, so it can achieve square wave)

1 Million Shots Lifespan, Really?

1 million shots IPL SHR OPT

Yes, We Ensure Amazing 1 Million Shots!

The most good thing for our IPL SHR OPT hair removal machine is it has super long lifespan 1 million shots!
If you have used similar machines you will know this lifespan is much much much longer than others 300,000 shots or 500,000 shots, let alone some companies lifespan is even only 100,000 shots! This means if by other company’s machine you can use for 1 year, then by our IPL SHR OPT system you can use for 3 years!
We have literally did this lifespan test, so for this we can 100% guarantee!!!

easy to change water filters

Unique Water Filter Design

For this IPL SHR OPT machine, we have an extra water filter in the back of machine. If you have used similar machines you must know actually for IPL SHR OPT machine, water filter is not a must. So all other companies don’t have water filter for their IPL SHR machines.
But we have, we have this extra water filter in our machine. It can keep water always clean and has greatly prolong our lifespan to 1 million shots.
And we have special design with water filter. Water filter outside of machine, no need to open machine shell, even salon girls can change water filter very easily.

Unique Features

Advanced Machine
Working Modes
Changeable Filters
Flash Fast Speed
Amazing Lifespan


Lifespan1 million shots
Spot Size15*50mm
Filters480, 530,590,640m690nm-1200nm
Energy Density1-50J/cm2
Lamp SourceUK xenon lamp
Cooling SystemWater + Air + TEC + Sapphire
Display12.4 inch LCD touchscreen
Machine Gross Weight55kg
Packing Size63*60*116cm

Before & After

Smart Software

beauty machine easy use interface interface

Our machine is very easy to operate. The software is designed by our engineer with preset therapy parameters and even starters can use it so easily!

  • Intelligent operating system
  • Pre-set parameters Treatment records saving
  • 15 Languages available
  • Monitoring system
  • Alarming system
  • Renting mode
  • Saving client treatment data
alarming system 1

Alarming System includes 5 parts:

  • Water level alarming
  • Water temperature alarming
  • Water flow speed alarming
  • Water impurity alarming
  • Handle button status alarming

For example, if water filter is too dirty need to be change, the water flow speed will alarm to remind you change water filter.

If machine can not Standby, handle button status will  remind you need to release the handle button first.

In shot, this is a very easy system for clients

monitoring system 1

Spare Parts Monitoring System makes after-sales job much easier and much faster.

Here i explain how it will help:

There are 5 lines, each line stands for a specific part in the machine.

  • S12V stands for control voltage
  • D12V stands for control board
  • DOUT stands for cooling system
  • S24V stands for water pump
  • L12V stands for constant current power supply

In case there is any problem in the future, you can firstly check this monitoring system to know which part is wrong, and then we can send new parts accordingly very fast.

treatment record saving system

We also have this really useful Client Treatment Record Saving System.

Every patient has different skin tone and hair type. Even patients who have similar skin and hair type, they may have different tolerence about pain.

So when doing treatment to a new client, Doctor usually has to try from low energy in patient skin and gradually higher,  find the most suitable parameter for this specific patient.

Our system allows Doctor to save this most suitable parameter for this specific patient to our Treatment Record Saving System. So that next time when this patient come again, Doctor can directly searching for his or her well tested parameters and start treatment quickly.

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