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There are a lot of suppliers in the market, and it seems almost the same machine, so the buyer doesn’t know to know their difference. so it needs some technology to judge, let us read Good IPL VS Bad IPL together.

If only a new company, just 1~2 years experience, no suggest to choose, because they are basically completely new companies with immature technology and unstable machines. Because we all know that machines will have bugs, just like mobile phones, there will be various bugs, and it will take time to fix and update. So it is especially important to choose a factory with relatively mature technology.  And our company has been in business for 15 years. We have encountered all the bugs they are encountering now and have solved them now. Therefore, the machine is very stable and the effect is very good.

If only compare prices, no care internal structure at all, it will be cheated easily.

For example, your budget is 2000USD for IPL machine in your idea firstly, but when you see a 300usd IPL machine, you maybe want to get 300usd, want to try.  300usd and 1000usd seem almost same, because the supplier advertises fake, and you don’t know how to pick up the good machine, you will be a cheat, you maybe will be meet it:

check mark icon 20complain only 200K shots

check mark icon 20complain IPL machines catch fire

check mark icon 20complain IPL machines melt

check mark icon 20complain that IPL machines will emit light on their own, not control by yourself

Good IPL VS Bad IPL 1
Good IPL VS Bad IPL 1

















Good IPL VS Bad IPL ① -Compare capacity

IPL machine capacity

In our IPL machine, the capacitance is 2*22000=44000uf, but if you know another machine, or you open another internal structure, you will know others less than it.

The large capacitance means that it can meet the needs of rapid hair removal and rapid skin rejuvenation. In modern society, time is very precious, so 10hz high-speed treatment is particularly important. But not all machines can meet the 10HZ fast mode. If your beauty salon already has an IPL machine, please test whether your IPL machine can meet the long-term 10HZ high-speed operation. If the manufacturer configures a small capacitor for you, it cannot satisfy the long-term high-frequency output.

Good IPL VS Bad IPL ②- compare UK xenon lamp

IPL machine Korean water filter

UK xenon lamp as a light source, is a very important accessory, and we all know that the quality of the real UK Xeon lamp is very good and more stable. However, some manufacturers like to make false propaganda, that is to say, their lamps are obviously not from the UK, but they will promote them as UK xenon lamps. Therefore, it is very, very important to cooperate with honest manufacturers.

Good IPL VS Bad IPL ③ Whether put a Korean water filter

maybe someone will tell you don’t need a water filter in an IPL machine, or they will tell you changing the filter is difficult. I admit that water filters are not 100% necessary, but that doesn’t mean water filter is not important! Rather, it is very very important!

IPL machine korea water filter

if there is no water filter, for a long time, there will be scale around the xenon lamp, it will be blocked, and it will not work better or even can’t work.

That’s why others can’t do it, but we can do real 1 million shots.

The above are the factors that need to be considered when choosing a good IPL machine. Price is certainly important, but not only things need to be considered, you need to consider not only the price but also many dimensions. For example, the internal structure of the machine determines the quality of the machine. Choose a machine with a good internal structure, and you will find that after many years of use, the machine can still output high energy and speed, which is something to be proud of!


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