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How to use 10hz to do laser hair removal?

How to use 10hz to do laser hair removal, customers who have used diode laser machines all know that the frequency of diode laser machine is 10hz, but have you ever encountered a similar situation? When you select 10hz, the energy will drop. To be honest, the energy drop is normal because it is composed of palladium. Determined by the duty cycle of the strip. So how to solve this problem?

laser hair removal

10hz laser hair removal, very fast treatment

The first parameter is votalge, the second parameter is pulse width. The total energy will change when adjusting these two parameters. Generally, if you have light skin tone, voltage higher, ms lower is recommended. On the contrary, if you have dark skin, it is recommended that you use lower voltage and add ms higher, which is more effective and safer. The next parameter is frequency. You can fix it at 10hz. Of course, the total energy at this time will decrease. This is just right. You don’t have to worry about the effect because this energy is accumulated. Although it is small, it is fast, so the total energy reaches the skin. The effect won’t be bad. So dear friends, for laser hair removal, 10hz can be set to do treatment.

Of course, if you only use 1~2HZ, the total energy is very large, but it is very slow, so the total energy superimposed will not be higher than the total energy of 10hz.

laser hair removal operation interface
laser hair removal

How to get the best effect on laser hair removal?

check mark icon 20shave hair in advance

We recommend shaving one day in advance so that the light can penetrate into the skin more effectively. If you don’t shave, the energy will not penetrate as effectively, so more treatments will be needed. Therefore, it is recommended to shave one day in advance.

check mark icon 20use the correct parameter

Correct parameter, because everyone’s experience of receiving energy is different. Some people feel pain at 20J, and some people can tolerate 40J. And even for the same person, different treatment courses require different energy, because later As the treatment progresses, the hair becomes less and less, so the energy becomes higher and higher. Therefore, the correct parameter should be to test several shots before treatment, and then find the most suitable energy.

check mark icon 203~5 sessions are needed.

Permanent hair removal requires 3 to 5 courses of treatment. After one course of treatment, most of the hair will fall off, about 75% of the hair will fall off. After 2 courses of treatment, 90% of the hair will fall off, and after 3 courses of treatment, 95% and above of the hair will fall off. I have used 4 courses of hair removal myself. It has been 3 years now and I still have no hair on my armpits.

Benefits of permanent hair removal

When summer comes every year, if you have not undergone permanent hair removal, you will not dare to try many sleeveless dresses, because the moment you raise your arms, all the beauty disappears. So many girls use tweezers to pluck their hair, which is very painful and will grow back. Some girls will undergo some ointment hair removal. Although it is not very painful, it is troublesome and will grow back. It needs to be repeated at least 2 to 3 times throughout the summer. But laser hair removal is permanent hair removal, so you will never have hair problems. We also did permanent hair removal on ourselves armpit.

How to buy a good laser hair removal device?

Now China market like advertise, for example, every one advertise their lifespan to 20 million shots, every one advertise their machine is good, every one advertise their effect is good, it seems every seller say the same words, so the buyer will confuse that don’t know how to choose a good machine with a proper price. I think that when you buy machine not only listen what the seller say, it need provide pictures and video to show what the seller said is true or not. So dear friends, if you are looking for laser hair removal, if you you meet any problems, you can feel free to contact us, we will tell you what is the unique part in our diode laser hair removal device.


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