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LED screen IPL machine-No.1 smart handle

LED screen IPL machine is a new technology, as we all know LED screen on diode laser machine, many companies already have, but LED screen on IPL machine, is a new design. With the advancement of modernization, many people like high-tech, strong-tech machines, so we designed this new product, and now we can introduce you in detail what the LED screen IPL machine is.

LED screen on IPL handle

LED screen IPL machine 2

Old model: all parameters, you need to adjust it on the machine screen. During treatment, if your client wants to add a cooling level, you need to stop treatment, turn around, and add a cooling level on the machine screen. Then go on the treatment.

New model: all parameter, you can adjust it on the IPL handle directly. During treatment, it is more convenient, to add a cooling level, and adjust voltage, pulse width, and others, you can adjust all parameters via the LED screen IPL handle, and it is ok. No need to adjust it on the machine screen anymore. For the new IPL handle, the LED screen on the handle, is more convenient, and also more beautiful.


2 different treatment sizes, automatic head recognition

Old model: only fixed size, 15*50mm or 12*30mm, you can choose 1 size. You need to consider whether your own beauty salon project needs a large size or a small size. It cannot meet diverse needs and is relatively single.

New model:

1: big spot size and small spot size, can put different tips according to your treatment area. For example, if you need to do face skin rejuvenation, you can put a small spot size, which is very convenient to do the skin rejuvenation on the face, because the face is small. If you need to do leg hair removal or big area hair removal, you can put a big spot size, because the leg is a very big area, and a big spot size head, it can save treatment time, to save your time.

2: The New IPL handle can also recognize the different treatment sizes, and give its correct initial parameter, no need for you to adjust the parameter, it is a safe parameter to do treatment, more smartly.


5 filters are standard, automatically identifying the filter light wave

Old model: also has 5 filters, 480nm, 530nm, 590nm, 640nm, and 690nm, but it is not automatically identifying. For example, if you want to do the acne treatment, you need to choose 480nm on the machine interface, and then put 480nm filters, it can’t automatically identify the filter that you put.

New model: also has 5 filters, but it automatically identifies the filter light wave. So the new IPL machine is more good. No need to choose a filter on the machine interface, just put it, and the intelligent IPL handle will automatically identify what you put filters.


New LED screen IPL machine, Cooling effect No.1

We updated the cooling effect, updated the TEC Cooling part, so the new LED screen IPL machine cooling effect is NO.1, during treatment, it can increase the client’s comfortable feeling.


So from all aspects, we recommend choosing a new handle that is smarter, more convenient, and more in line with modern needs. If you also want to upgrade your old machine, you can learn about our new IPL technology. It is not expensive and is worth a try. We have been researching this product for half a year and have already done some testing. Now we have one month left before we start selling it in large quantities. If you also have an interest in a new LED screen IPL machine, feel free to contact us! Our sellers will provide the best service and best cost for you!



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