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No.1 Top Quality ND YAG Tattoo Removal Carbon Peeling Machine with Special Korea Water Filter

No.1 Top Sale ND YAG Tattoo Removal Carbon Peeling Machine with Special Korea Water Filters

ND YAG Tattoo Removal Carbon Peeling Machine

Special Korea Water Filters Design Functions as follow,


ND YAG Tattoo Removal Carbon Peeling Machine professional in all color tattoo removal and carbon peeling

Treatment Process of Carbon Peeling

First step

Clean face with steam mist for 5-10 minutes

Skin anesthesia (optional)

Second step

First pass with cold light RF treatment

Toner-free particle blasting

Thermal effect

Purpose: Preheating stimulates dermal collagen and dilutes surface pigment

Third step

Apply a thick layer of carbon cream to the face

The fourth step

Remove excess toner with dry gauze

The fifth step

Scan two to three times with skin softening laser Q switch mode

Toner Particle Blast

There is a bang

Purpose: To stimulate the collagen again, the charcoal powder particles explode, thereby breaking the dirt and cutin of the epidermis; the high heat energy generated by it is transmitted to the dermis, which will fully stimulate the renewal and vitality of skin cells, stimulate the repair of collagen fibers and elastic fibers, Utilize the natural repair function of the body to start the orderly deposition and arrangement of new collagen, so as to achieve instant wrinkle removal, anti-inflammatory and sterilization, decomposition of pigment, shrink pores, texture repair, etc., so as to comprehensively change the skin quality.

The sixth step

clean face

Use a soothing mask to soothe, moisturize and calm

The seventh step

moisturizing lotion

Regular use of sunscreen (with an SPF of at least 15)

The eighth step

Medical skin beauty care once a week, giving high-efficiency cosmeceutical maintenance

Purpose: After the treatment of the black face doll, the skin’s ability to absorb the nutritional essence will be significantly enhanced than usual, and timely replenishment of the nutrients needed by the skin will make the skin more moisturized and healthy.

When doing “black face doll” laser skin beautification, professional doctors will first heat the skin of the beauty seeker with professional equipment, and then apply a layer of black toner on the face of the beauty seeker. On the skin, it will penetrate into the dermis along the large pores.

After 20 minutes, the doctor will use the Q-switch laser to aim at the black toner, and the energy of the laser will be carried along the toner to the dermis, where new collagen fibers and elastic fibers will be generated, and they will play a supporting role And the effect of filling the intercellular space, make the skin more delicate, more shiny, and the pores can be more effectively shrunk.

Beauty effect

Black face doll whitening and beautifying skin: Lighten spots, improve skin tone, remove yellow and black, anti-aging and rejuvenate skin, increase skin elasticity and luster.

Black face doll improves skin texture: shrink pores, tighten and lift, remove blackheads and acne, lighten acne marks, and balance oil secretion.

Black face doll delays aging: removes wrinkles and tightens skin, dilutes true wrinkles, and removes fine wrinkles.

Black face doll deep cleansing: Let your skin “snap out”, so that the essence and skin care products you apply on weekdays can be really absorbed.


Wrinkle removal and firming

The specially configured super nano carbon powder for black face doll treatment can deeply penetrate the patient’s skin. After the patient undergoes laser action, it can activate the subcutaneous collagen activity in a multi-level and three-dimensional manner, and promote the rearrangement of subcutaneous collagen fibers and elastic fibers, thereby Effectively remove fine lines and expression lines on the face, and play a role in tightening and lifting the facial contours.

Whitening and beautiful skin

Black Face Doll Therapeutic Apparatus has a 1064nm patented 300us pulse width 1064nm laser with stronger penetrating ability. It uses the heat and light energy generated by the explosion of naphthalene carbon powder to remove melanin in the deep layer of the skin and stimulate small blood vessels to release growth factors. It can effectively promote the regeneration of collagen in the skin, making the skin white, beautiful and shiny.

Anti-aging and skin rejuvenation

Black face doll beauty treatment can make the dermis absorb a large amount of 1320nm wavelength laser to stimulate the fibroblasts in the dermis, promote the growth of new collagen and reshape the dermis, and can also effectively treat facial acne and acne scars , and can effectively shrink the large pores on the skin, making the skin more delicate and smooth.

In the whole Chinese market, only our IPL and ND YAG machines have the special Korean water filter design, as we all know, the water filter may not be necessary for the machine, but important most for the machine, the Ion Filter is to filter ions and impurities in the water, to ensure the cleanliness of the waterway and ensure the maximum life of the xenon lamp, then ensure the long lifespan of the machine.

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