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SHR IPL E-light difference-TOP 1 detailed introduction

We all know that SHR IPL E-light belongs to the same series of products, but about SHR IPL E-light difference, many people don’t know how to distinguish it. Below I will discuss whether the filter needs to be replaced, the appearance, functions, interface, lifespan, price, etc. It will be introduced one by one for convenience, and it is the most detailed introduction in history. It is purely about sharing without promotion.

Whether the filter need to be replaced?

SHR does not need to replace the filter, IPL and E-light need to replace the filter.

IPL and E-light have 5 different filters (480nm, 530nm, 590nm, 640nm, 690nm). Replace the corresponding filters according to the required functions.

SHR IPL E-light difference-Appearance

From the appearance point of view, SHR IPL E-light is 95% similar, so many people can’t tell them apart. But next, I can share with you how to know the difference.

IPL and E-light have the same appearance, you can’t tell which one is IPL and which one is E-light from their appearance. But you can clearly distinguish SHR. Because SHR does not need to replace the filter, the filter of SHR is fixed inside the handle and does not need to be replaced according to different functions, because SHR has only one function, it is super hair removal. However, IPL and E-light need to replace different filters according to different functions, they not only can do hair removal, also can do skin rejuvenation, acne removal, pigment removal, vascular removal, and so on.

SHR IPL E-light difference-interface

super interfacfe

This is the interface of SHR

5 parameters need to be adjusted

Voltage, pulse width, frequency, time, cooling.

ipl interfacfe

This is the interface of IPL

6 parameters need to be adjusted

It has one more sub-pulse width than SHR.

E-light interfacfe
SHR IPL E-light difference

This is the interface of E-light

7 parameters need to be adjusted, one more RF energy than IPL.

SHR IPL E-light difference functions

SHR permanent hair removal has only this function and no other functions

Both IPL and E-light are multi-functional, and different filters can be replaced for different projects.

check mark icon 20480nm: Acne Treatment

check mark icon 20530nm: Vascular Treatment

check mark icon 20590nm: Pigment Treatment

check mark icon 20640nm: Fair Skin Depilation

check mark icon 20690nm: Dark Skin Depilation

Our machine operation interface will also help you remark on which function to use and which filter. So it will be more convenient and friendly for new users! Now everyone knows SHR IPL E-light difference functions correctly, right?

SHR IPL E-light difference-lifespan

The lifespan of these three handles is the same, because they use the same brand of UK xenon lamp and the same brand of power supply, so the lifespan of these three handles is the same, they are all 1 million shots at least.

We have received feedback from many customers that some have a lifespan of more than 1 million shots, some have a lifespan of 1,500,000 shots, and some have a lifespan of 1,600,000 shots.

SHR IPL E-light difference-price

SHR and IPL costs are the same. Although SHR only has one fixed filter, the technology of SHR is not easy to do and requires a higher level of technical content. So the price of SHR and IPL is the same.

The price of E-light is about US$200 more than SHR and IPL because E-light is equipped with radio frequency and has a skin rejuvenation and wrinkle removal effect during the treatment process.

The above is the SHR IPL E-light difference

Now everyone is clear, right? Of course, if you have any questions about the SHR IPL E-light difference, please message us! Our WhatsApp is: +86 15210501998, our email is: anna@stellelaser.com

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