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Hair Removal Photofacial Machine IPL SHR OPT

APL1 IPL SHR OPT Machine is a multi-functional beauty machine that combines 5 technologies in 1 device. It can be used for hair removal, skin rejuvenation, acne treatment, vascular treatment, and pigmentation removal. Contact to get the lastest discount!

Hair Removal Photofacial Machine IPL SHR OPT

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Lifespan 1 million shots
Power 2000W
Spot Size 15*50mm
Filters 480, 530,590,640m690nm-1200nm
Energy Density 1-50J/cm2
Lamp Source UK xenon lamp
Cooling System Water + Air + TEC + Sapphire
Display 12.4 inch LCD touchscreen
Machine Gross Weight 40kg
Packing Size 63*57*52cm


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What Treatment IPL SHR OPT Mahcine Can Do?

We offer 5 filters for this IPL SHR OPT beauty salon machine . So that this machine can cover all below functions:

  1. 480nm~1200nm: Acne treatment
  2. 530nm~1200nm: Vascular treatment, photofacial for light skin.
  3. 590nm~1200nm: Pigmentation treatment, photofacial for dark skin.
  4. 640nm~1200nm: Hair removal for light skin
  5. 690nm~1200nm: Hair removal for dark skin

Super long lifespan 1 MILLION SHOTS!

The most good thing for our IPL is it has super long lifespan 1 million shots! If you have used similar machines you will know this lifespan is much much much longer than others 300,000 shots or 500,000 shots, let alone some companies lifespan is even only 100,000 shots! We have literally did this lifespan test, so for this we can 100% guarantee!

UK Xenon Lamp

UK xenon lamp is best brand for IPL SHR OPT lamp. It is high quality, stable and has longer lifespan!
(Lamp is one of the main factor that affects IPL machine lifespan, but it is not the most important factor. We’ve seen many competitor also using UK lamp but with only 300,000 shots lifespan.)

Strong Cooling

Combines double semiconductor TEC plates and advanced sapphair skin contact cooling technology togehter.
Deliver light energy deep under skin while still protect skin surface very well with best cooling effect. Ensure 100% painless in the treatment.

Advanced OPT Tech

Even it is just a portable model, but we still use super big capacitors 2*22000uf, totally 44000 uf, ensures super strong and uniform energy in fast speed working, which also called as OPT (Capacitor is large enough to store enough energy, so it can achieve square wave)


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Multifunctional IPL Machine

With 1 IPL machine, it can do many different types of treatments and has very good effect. Including acne treatment, skin rejuvenation, skin whitening, pigment treatment, spider vein treatment , hair removal for all skin types etc.

Function and principle

1: Principle of skin rejuvenation: through the principle of biological stimulation, the collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the skin are rearranged and regenerated, and elasticity is restored, so as to achieve the effect of eliminating and reducing wrinkles, rejuvenating skin, and reducing pores. (530nm, 590nm)

2: The principle of removing red blood streaks: Using the light absorption principle of heme, the light energy is converted into heat energy to quickly coagulate and shrink the blood vessels. The atrophic cells can be absorbed by epidermal metabolism and phagocytic cells to achieve the effect of removing red blood streaks. (Shallow red blood streaks 530nm; deep red blood streaks 590nm):

3: The principle of hair removal: through the selective photopyrolysis principle, light energy is converted into heat energy, which destroys the hair follicle mother cells and achieves the effect of permanent hair removal. (640nm, 690nm)

4: The principle of freckle removal: using the selective photopyrolysis principle, after the pigment absorbs light energy, it is gradually decomposed through epidermal metabolism and phagocytic cell phagocytic metabolism to achieve the freckle effect (530nm, 590nm)

5: Principle of anti-wrinkle: Principle of biological stimulation, re-arrange and regenerate collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the skin, restore elasticity, so as to achieve the effect of eliminating and reducing wrinkles, rejuvenating skin, and reducing pores (640nm, 690nm)

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Hair Removal Photofacial Machine IPL SHR OPT

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