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Portable Diode Laser 980nm Vascular Removal Machine


vascular removal machine

vascular removal machine

Red blood streaks are caused by the thinning of the stratum corneum on the face, which causes the capillaries to expand due to the influence of the external environment. The light emitted by the vascular removal machine passes through the epidermis and enters the dermis layer of the abnormally expanded blood vessel network. The hemoglobin in the capillaries in the lesion area is heated and coagulated, closing the abnormally expanded blood vessels, thereby achieving the effect of removing red blood filaments. Skin discoloration is clean, neat, and beautiful.

Real equipment display pictures

vascular removal machine (2)

  1. The display screen of this product has been upgraded and is larger than the previous display.
  2. The casing is made of metal, not conventional ABS material. It is stronger in terms of materials and will not break easily.
  3. The total weight of the machine and the flight case is only 25 kg. It is very small and light and can be easily moved by one person.
  4. There is a beam at the top for easy lifting at any time. Because it is very light, a salon girl can easily lift it away.
  5. You can choose the color, and support OEM color, This color is black + red, which is a more mature and stable color, and the extra red is also monotonous.

removal red blood

980nm laser function:

♥collagen production, improves skin elasticity and increases skin thickness and density

♥ repairs capillaries, restore their elasticity, and improves skin redness and heat caused by red blood filaments

♥ whitening


♥removing freckles

♥a comprehensive cosmetic effect. Moreover, there is no trauma after treatment, and you can leave after the treatment

5 spot size

980nm 5 spot size

The 5 different sizes,  the focus is different, which means the size of the light spot.

For example, 3mm, that is the diameter of the light spot is 3mm, which is suitable for each red blood filament that is thicker. On the contrary, if the diameter of each red blood filament of your customer is relatively small and thin, then you can choose 0.2mm or 0.5mm. For each relatively thick red blood filament, using 3mm can quickly complete the treatment and reduce the customer’s pain.

For each relatively thin red blood filament, using 0,2mm can make the treatment more convenient. Choose the appropriate diameter of the treatment head according to the diameter of the red blood filament, which is more efficient.

980NM Laser Specification

Specification 980nm Laser
Power supply 30W
Wavelength 980nm
Type Diode Laser
Spot Size 0.2mm/0.5mm/1mm/2mm/3mm
Frequency 1-10Hz
Operation 10.4TFT True Color Touch Screen
Electrical input 90-130V, 50/60HZ or 200-260V, 50HZ



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Portable Diode Laser 980nm Vascular Removal Machine

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