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2 in 1 Beauty Device

2in1 laser details

2 in 1 Beauty Device solves the limitations of small space. Combining different functions into one machine and working with high-quality and stable output is a benefit for beauty salons subject to local limitations. The two handles are on one machine, but the two handles are independent of each other, because the Diode laser has its own power supply, and the IPL also has its own power supply. Although they share the same shell, they are independent internally, which also means that After 5 years, the life of your IPL handle is exhausted, and it will not affect the work of your DIODE handle. While waiting for the new IPL handle to appear, you can continue to perform hair removal treatments via a Diode laser handle.

Real machine records

2in1 laser


2 in 1 Beauty Device tech DIODE LASER handle  IPL handle
Lifespan 20 million shots( use well, can reach 40 milllion shots) 1 Million shots ( 5 times longer than others)
Power 800W( advertise it to 1200W) 2000W
Spot Size2 15*30mm&15*10mm 15*50mm / 12*30mm
Wavelength 808nm or Mixed wave 755 808 1064 480nm, 530nm, 590nm 640nm, 690nm
Energy Density 808 – max 166J/cm2
Triple max 125J/cm2
max 50J/cm2
Laser Source 100% pure AuSn US Coherent laser bars UK firstlight xenon lamp
Cooling System Air + Water + Wind + TEC + Sapphire
Operation 12inch or 16inch Bigger True Color Touch Screen
Electrical input 90-130V, 50/60Hz or 200-260V, 50Hz

1. Update the Diode laser handle

B diode laser handlediode laser handle small tip


This diode laser handle is ergonomic, and through selective absorption of light, permanent hair removal can be achieved after 3 treatments. We will call it B handle. This diode laser handle is ergonomic, and through selective absorption of light, permanent hair removal can be achieved after 3 treatments. We will call it B handle. We have 7 different treatment handles, which are named with different letters in chronological order, so you know that the B handle has a long history, high stability, and is representative of practicality.

The large size comes with a small head, which is suitable for hair removal all over the body.
The large treatment head of 15*30mm is suitable for large-area hair removal, and the small treatment head of 15*10mm is suitable for small-area hair removal. It does not miss every angle and no longer tolerates the trouble of hair.

2. With 5 filters IPL handle

IPL handleIPL filters

We also have IPL handsets that can eliminate remaining skin problems. The picture shows the large size, which is also the regular size. It also improves skin problems by selectively absorbing light.

IPL wears 5 filters and stimulates the activity of basal epidermal cells through the strong pulses emitted by the instrument, which can significantly improve a variety of skin problems: melanin, fine lines, enlarged pores, and other skin problems.

430~1200nm: Acne; Light Pigmentation
480~1200nm: Light Pigmentation; Vascularity; Photorejuvenation
530~1200nm: Skin Rejuvenation; Superficial Vascular Lesions
590~1200nm: Skin rejuvenation; Vascular and Pigmented Lesions
640~1200nm: Hair Removal; Skin Rejuvenation;Wrinkle Removal
690~1200nm: Hair Removal; Skin Rejuvenation

Your salon machine will be the same 2in1 beauty device as hers!

Diode laser hair removal machine feedback (1)

A beauty salon without beauty equipment is not perfect, just like cutting down a tree without an axe. Having a satisfactory tool can make your beauty salon get twice the result with half the effort. But choosing a high-quality, highly stable, and high-efficiency machine is not an easy task because there are too many options. If you don’t know how to choose, please contact us and we will tell you the selection tips.

What should your patients pay attention to after treatment?

Diode laser: Avoid scratching to avoid infection. During the treatment process, local ice compress may produce a certain amount of heat, accompanied by a slight burning sensation, which can be solved by providing an appropriate ice compress. Avoid getting water on your skin for 24 hours after surgery. Try not to use shower gel or facial cleanser. Just wash with water. When traveling, you need to be highly protective and avoid direct sunlight.

IPL: After the third day of treatment, scabs may appear, with a dry and itchy feeling. At this time, avoid touching or picking with your hands to prevent scarring. Pay attention to sun protection. You can wear a hat, hold an umbrella, etc. when going out. Exposure to the sun may cause skin pigmentation. You can eat more fruits and vegetables, drink more water, and go out less often.

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