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Intelligent Diode Laser Mixed Wave Best Laser Hair Removal Machine

LD1, the best laser hair removal machine offered by Stelle Laser. Experience efficient and effective hair removal with its intelligent diode laser technology. US FDA & TUV CE approved! Get professional results for your salon or spa. Contact us for latest discount and details.

Best laser hair removal machine


We all know that compared to IPL machines, a Diode laser can remove hair more gently, so Diode laser has received more demand from beauty salons. But what we need to know is that hair is not removed at one time, because all hair cannot be in the growth phase at a certain period. Therefore, hair removal needs to be repeated to catch the hair that has entered the growth phase. Hair removal usually takes 3-5 times to be completely completed. Generally, only 30% of the hair on the limbs is in the growth phase, and the hair growth cycle is generally 2-3 months, so it should be done every 2-3 months. After 3-5 times, most of the hair will fall off. And this Diode laser machine is the best laser hair removal machine!

 Real picture

Diode Laser LD1FDA CH1

This color is customized by customers. We are a real factory, not a trader. The advantage of cooperating with the factory is that changing the color, changing the interface, and changing the program are all very simple things. As long as your quantity reaches a certain requirement, you can almost All parts can be customized! This machine is a pure black luxury version of the machine. It is calm and elegant and is the treasure of the salon.

What is LD1FDA-CH?

Then we need to disassemble LDAFDA-CH.

LD means Diode Laser

1 means 1 handle in one machine, because we not only can do 1 handle in one machine, we also can do 2 handles in one machine, 3 handles in one machine, and 4 handles in one machine.

FDA means approved by the US FDA, By the way, every year, we will pay an FDA fee, it means every year, our FDA is legal.

CH means C handle because we have 7 different diode laser handles, A handle, B handle, C handle, D handle, E handle, F handle, G handle

Why our Best laser hair removal machines are popular?

Best laser hair removal machine, C handle is popular, C handle is the 3rd generation diode laser handle, It is a very high-end product that is very suitable for a high-end beauty salon.

1:A display on the handle

diode laser CH handle 1

♥Display on handle advantage

The best laser hair removal machine operates directly on the display on the handle end, it is very simple and convenient. Let us assume that during the treatment, your client says it is very hot and needs to increase the cooling level. If there is no display on the handle end, then you need to pause the treatment and turn to the large screen on the machine end to increase the cooling level. But now that you have a handle-side display, you can keep the original position and just add the cooling level to 5  on the handle display.

♥The display looks premium

From an aesthetic point of view, adding an LCD screen to the end of the handle makes it look taller, more grand, and has a strong sense of technology, which is in line with modern style.

♥Display content 1

Hair removal handle Display

The 1 is total energy, which means during Diode laser for hair removal, the energy your patient ultimately feels

The 2 is Voltage, 10%~100%, which mainly adjusts the output energy of the diode laser

The 3 is Pulse width, 10ms~300ms, mainly adjusts the laser emission time

The 4 is Frequency, 1~10Hz, which mainly adjusts the light frequency of the laser, that is, how many times the laser emits light in 1s.

The 5 is Standy, control machine work or not work.

♥Display content 1

Diode Handle Display contents

The 5 is Time, 1s~30s, mainly the duration of light emission after stepping on the pedal.

The 6 is the Cooling level, 0-5 gears, mainly adjusting the cooling intensity of the handpiece.

The 7 is Real-time TEC cooling plate status

The 8 is a Real-time treatment tip temperature

The 9 is Real-time pulse width(output energy)

The 10 is the Total number of shots recorded, Diode laser for hair removal lifespan can reach 40 million shots!

2:Three treatment heads of different sizes

display CH

15*30mm big spot size, we also can call it is body tip, For big areas use the big tip, to save treatment time

12*15mm middle spot size, we call it facial tip, not big, nog small, for face hair removal, beard hair removal, more convenient

Φ8mm smaller spot size, we call nose tip, specially designed for nose hair removal, ear hair removal


latest hair removal diode laser feedback (6)latest hair removal diode laser feedback (13)latest hair removal diode laser feedback 1

Our Best laser hair removal machine is popular in different countries, they are all like its effect, its small display on handle.

Best laser hair removal machine

Lifespan 40 million shots
Power  3000W for machine,800W – 1200W for laser,
Spot Size 15*30mm & 15*15mm & φ8mm
Wavelength 808nm / 755 808 1064nm
Energy Density 1-90J/cm2
Pulse Frequency 1-10Hz
Pulse Duration 10-300ms
Laser bar 100% pure AuSn bars from US Coherent /German Dilas
Cooling Level Sapphire Crystal + Air + Water Circulation + Semiconductor +TEC
Display 12 inch True Color LED touchable Screen
Stand-by Working Continuous stand-by working for 10-12hours
Electrical 100/110V, 50~60Hz, /230V~260V,50~60Hz
Gross Weight 62KG
Packing Dimension 66*59*110cm (W*D*H)

















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Intelligent Diode Laser Mixed Wave Best Laser Hair Removal Machine

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