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Top Sell Diode Laser Device for Hair Removal Machine

Top Sell Diode Laser Device for Hair Removal Machine

Beijing STELLE LASER with three generation Diode Laser handles and models for customer choose,vertical model and portable model,all with US FDA TUV MEDICAL CE approved,not more than 3 factory with both US FDA TUV MEDICAL CE approved in whole China market.

Diode Laser Device

Diode Laser Device


Is 808nm Diode Laser Device suitable for facial hair removal?

808nm Diode Laser device’s unique and excellent technical expert operating system, for different races, people, genders, skin colors, parts, pulse width and energy required for different thicknesses of hair. Excellent parameter combination for automatic energy, suitable for whole body hair removal.

Does hair removal hurt?

The 808nm diode laser’s patented contact cooling system ensures that the epidermal tissue is not damaged, and you will not feel any discomfort during the hair removal process. At the same time, the 808’s unique sapphire contacts cool safely without damaging the skin. It is a safe and practical hair removal tool.

Can 808nm diode laser do hair removal permanently?

The 808nm diode laser device semiconductor uses a specially designed dual-pulse laser, one laser pulse heats the skin tissue and hair follicles, and the second pulse selectively increases the temperature of the hair follicles to around 45°C. Sliding the 10Hz laser makes hair follicles and growth stem cells lose their growth activity for a period of time at this temperature, so as to achieve the purpose of long-term hair removal.

Only the hair in the growing period can achieve good results with the 808 Freezing Point Hair Removal Device. During growth, the pigment particles produced in the hair follicle can fully absorb thermal energy. At this time, the hair follicles are easily destroyed, and the hair removal effect must be very good. The number of treatments was also related to hair density, color and the proportion of non-anagen hair follicles in the treated area. Usually, it can be seen 3-5 times to achieve visible results.

How to chooose the best Diode Laser Device?Triple waves or four waves?

755nm: especially good for very thin hair on white skin people and effective for hairs in anagen  and telogen;

808nm: suitable for black hair on the yellow skin or the light skin;

1064nm: very good for hair removal on dark skin people.

755 nm is for white skin, fine hair

808 nm is for yellow skin , black hair

940nm is for white skin, golden hair

1064 nm is for black hair

this four wavelengths is suitable for all skin and all kinds of color hair, very very very professional for all hair  removal.

How to choose the best Diode Laser Device

Firstly,must choose imported US Coherent Laser bar,Beijing STELLE LASER warranty that more than 4o millions shots;

Secondly,with imported Italy water pump,Korea water filters, super cooling system:TEC cooling parts+Sapphire crystal,to ensure that customer do treatment painless;

Thirdly,after-sales dervice,must choose real manufacturer and factory,such as Beijing STELLE LASER,professional in diode laser and 4 in 1 multifunction diode laser+IPL+ND YAG+RF beauty machine many years.

Why choose Beijing STELLE LASER?
We are a company that truly integrates industry and trade and has our own factory. No more than twenty companies in China have their own factories, most of them are trading companies
We are very trustworthy. We can give you the lowest factory price discount; each of our accessories has been rigorously tested and strictly controlled. But other companies may give you lower prices and the quality of the accessories will be lower. Let me tell you a true story. A customer in the same industry bought 808, and it issued IPL to the customer because the payment was low.
Our boss is an engineer and pays great attention to machine quality. Many other company owners are salesmen, and they only focus on profits.
We attach great importance to innovation. We have now developed seven different diode laser handpieces, and are also developing Android system linkage.
We have professional clinical teachers who give different treatments to different patients every day, and then send the data to our after-sales personnel for real-time updates.
Our machines aresel to all overt the world,we know very well what documents are required for customs clearance, and you can receive the machine very safely.

Diode Laser DeviceWhy choose Beijing STELLE LASER 808nm diode laser device?

Beijing STELLE LASER is very professional in beauty equipment manufacturer for many years. Professional research and development, production of beauty equipment.

Our core manufacturing product, 808 hair removal device, is guaranteed after-sales service.

The company attaches great importance to product quality and research and development, and has its own research and development team, including product shape designers, product structure engineers and mechanical engineers, which can be customized according to your needs.

High-end configuration, selling all beauty equipment at factory prices, providing professional technical training and online guidance.









Stelle Laser is professional beauty machine manufacturer in China. We produce and sell Diode laser hair removal machineElos SHR OPT IPL photorejuvenation machine, ND Yag Laser tattoo removal and pigment treatment machine, Carbon Peel machine, CO2 Fractional Laser and Multifunctional beauty machines combining above handles. Looking for cooperatation with more global agents. If you interested in getting more information, please feel to drop us an inquriy!

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