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Fast Hair Removal Laser Machine Diode 810nm

LD1 Fast Hair Removal Laser Machine Diode 810nm is a powerful and effective laser hair removal system. It uses a high-power 810nm diode laser to target and destroy hair follicles, resulting in permanent hair reduction. This machine is ideal for both men and women and can be used on all skin types.

Hair removal laser machine

Diode Laser hair removal 2

The Stellelaser Diode laser machine, the Hair removal laser machine, is the second time updated, Compared with the old handle, the spot size is bigger, the power is also bigger. For customers who require full body hair removal, the large size can save half the time, in order to achieve the same hair removal effect as the small size, the wattage must be increased, so as to achieve the same hair removal effect as the small size. Because the small size has a small area, low wattage can also achieve good results, because the energy is more concentrated due to the small area. Now it is the second renovation. It has a large area and high wattage. It saves time and the effect is very fast.

Machine real show

hair removal laser machine

The Hair removal laser machine is a real display. This one is a three-color combination of blue, white and gray. It is equipped with a screw-in plug, which makes it easier to plug and unplug the handle. In many beauty salons, women operate the machines, and many women have a set of beautiful manicures. If it is not equipped with a screw-in plug, the nails may be damaged when inserting and removing the handle. So we took this factor into consideration and upgraded the handle plug-in, so you don’t have to worry about getting beautiful manicures.

Why choose 755+808+1064nm?

Diode Laser LD1E BH 1

Previously, for hair removal machines, there were only 808nm on the market and no 3 wavelengths. Because 808nm does not satisfy everyone, especially people with very dark skin and people with very white skin. 808nm hair removal requires 7 to 10 sessions to achieve permanent hair removal, so there are 3waves on the market, that can reach all skin colors permanent hair removal, just needs 3~5 sessions, all skin color hair removal all! Because 755nm is particularly effective on white skin color and golden hair. 1064nm works especially well on very dark skin tones.

Hair removal laser machine details


bh Diode Laser salon equipment

Big size: 15*30mm, for big part hair removal, arms, legs, chest, back, armpit hair removal, faster finish whole sessions.

Small size: 10*15mm, for small part hair removal, lip, finger, beard, easy to move handle.

Easy operation interface

Diode laser operation interface

  • Choose the Thickness of your hair, choose based on your client’s hair condition
  • Chose Skin tone, choose it to follow your client’s situation
  • Choose a treatment area, choose which part you need to remove hair
  • Meet Default parameters, and click standby to work directly


Lifespan 40 million shots
Power  3000W for machine, 800~1200W for laser
Spot Size 15*30mm & 15*10mm
Wavelength 808nm / 755 808 1064nm
Energy Density Big spot: 1-100J/cm2; Small spot: 1-166J/cm2
Pulse Frequency 1-10Hz
Pulse Duration 30-300ms
Laser bar 100% pure AuSn bars from US Coherent /German Dilas
Cooling Level Sapphire Crystal + Air + Water Circulation + Semiconductor +TEC
Display 12 inch True Color LCD touchable Screen
Stand-by Working Continuous stand-by working for 10-12hours
Electrical 100/110V, 50~60Hz, /230V~260V,50~60Hz
Gross Weight 57KG
Packing Dimension 63*67*108cm (W*D*H)

Feedback from different customers


Feedback 2

Feedback 4

Normally, whatever skin tone,3~5 sessions, it can reach permanent hair removal. These pictures are real feedback. Our sales staff have also used a Hair removal laser machine. After many years, they still have no hair on their armpits and spend a perfect summer easily. During every hair removal, we recommend stopping treatment after seeing the clinical endpoint. Only seeing the clinical endpoint every time does it mean that the hair has received enough light stimulation. This light is selectively absorbed, so there is no need to worry. For the surrounding skin, this light only acts on the hair. If you need training, please contact our staff and she will help you arrange free training for permanent hair removal.



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Fast Hair Removal Laser Machine Diode 810nm

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