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How to choose super top 1 quality IPL Elight OPL SHR Machine for Clinic?

How to choose super top quality IPL Elight OPL SHR Machine for Clinic?

IPL Elight OPL SHR Machine

Super long lifespan of 3 million shots! Effective shots over 900,000 shots.

Our IPL Elight OPL SHR Machine has 2 modes, can work as both SHR and IPL.1 handle machine can work as 2 handles machine, very cost-effective!

If you choose SHR mode, it will emit light in single pulse, fast flash from 1 to 10 Hz. If you choose IPL mode, it will emit light in multipulse from 1 to 6Hz. Please see below video:

Two extra Korea imported water filters can well protect the xenon and prolong its lifespan. Only we have water filters for IPL machines, other factory don’t have. That’s also why our lifespan is much longer than other companies.

Superior cooling effect, 5 cooling levels lowest reach -20 degrees

Two Japan imported big capacitors 2*22000uf instead of 3*10000uf, very stable energy output

Very good heat dissipation system: 4 big 24V fans +2 thickest(50mm) radiators+ latest brushless DC water pump+ 6L big water tank. The configuration is even better than many vertical machines

Alarming system and monitoring system protect machine every second.


Only Beijing STELLE LASER IPL machine has a filter, the filter can ensure the filtration of water impurities, protect the xenon lamp, prolong the life of the hand tool, and ensure that it can reach one million rounds. Other manufacturers IPL Elight OPL SHR Machine have no filter, they will advertise that the machine has 30-50 10,000 rounds, but actually only 100,000 rounds; although the filter is not necessary, it is very important. The ion filter is to filter out ions and impurities in the water, ensure the cleanliness of the waterway, and ensure the maximum service life of the xenon lamp , then guarantee the maximum service life of the machine.we can guarantee the machine life to reach 1 million rounds.

Only we have 2 capacitors 2*22000uf, other factories are 1*30000uf, the super large capacitor can ensure that the robot has strong energy, stable work and high work efficiency.


IPL Elight OPL SHR Machine suitable for: Red Veins, Skin Rejuvenation, Hair Removal, Pigment Removal, Thread Veins, Acne and Rosacea!


We can provide a long term solution to facial problems such as red flushing (Rosacea), thread veins and red spots in just a few quick and easy treatments.


Skin Rejuvenation treatments offer a solution for all the visible signs of ageing caused by sun damage, such as brown spots (pigmentation), redness (thread veins) and uneven skin texture, lines and winkles.


Pigmented lesions such as sun spots and freckles can be successfully removed creating a more flawless, youthful and glowing appearance.


Acne can be effectively treated with Intense Pulsed Light alone or in combination with other clinical treatments. Intense Pulsed Light treatments greatly reduce the number and severity of active lesions, lessening the inflammation and frequency of break-outs.





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