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Top 1 Best Sell Multiple choice of ND YAG Tattoo Removal Carbon Peeling Beauty Machine

Top 1 Best Sell Multiple choice of ND YAG Tattoo Removal Carbon Peeling Beauty Machine

ND YAG Tattoo Removal

ND YAG Tattoo Removal handle with three tips,

(Tips included:532nm, 1064nm, 1320nm !!!)
532nm: mainly for red,green,yellow tattoo. superficial layer.
1064nm: mainly for black,blue,cyan tattoo. deep layer.
1320nm: mainly for skin rejuvenation with carbon powder, called “carbon peeling

Internal Organization:
UK xenon lamp; Acrylic water tank, Dazhi power supply
4*24V big fans from Japan;
2 thickest(50mm)radiators(The good heat dissipation can not only ensure 12 hours of working,can also protect xenon lamp greatly)
Latest 12V DC brushless water pump from Italy, characteristics of low power, low noise, small size and large flow;
Korea filters(The ion filter is to filter out the ions and impurities in the water, to ensure the cleanliness of the waterway, and to ensure the maximum service life of the xenon lamp)

These super quality accessories can guarantee machine lifespan to more than THREE million shots.



Other manufacturers ND YAG Tattoo Removal machine without filter, they will advertise that the machine has 300000 shots, but actually only 100000 shots; although the filter is not necessary, it is very important. The ion filter is to filter out ions and impurities in the water, ensure the cleanliness of the waterway, and ensure the maximum service life of the xenon lamp , then guarantee the maximum service life of the machine.we can guarantee the machine life to reach one million shots.

All our machines have the Korea water filter, the diode laser system, the IPL systems, the Nd yag systems, all have the Korea water filters.
every one know diode laser has high water quality requirements, other factory apply it for diode laser system, but on one apply it for IPL and nd yag systems.

But IPL and nd yag systems also need to install filters, if there is no water filter, the for a long time, there will be scale around the UK xenon lamp, it will be blocked, and it will not work better or even can’t work.
That’s why other can’t do ,but we can do THREE million shots.

Our engineer designed it in isolated manner. There are 4 separate power supply parts:


2 2

Part 1 supplying power for CPU separately;

Part 2 supplying power for AC control;

Part 3 supplying power for cooling system and monitoring system;

Part 4 supplying power for power supply control function.


With special Alarming System:

S12V: Detection Control Voltage State

D12V: Detection Control Panel

DOUT: Detection Cooling system

S24V:Switching power supply

L12V: Detection A constant current source


All the parts under control.

Each line represents a specific part of the machine. If there is a line that turns yellow, it means that the part to which it refers has a problem.

You just take a picture of the interface. So I will teach you how to fix it or ship spare parts to you.

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