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Portable OPT SHR Hair Removal Machine 2 in 1

This Portable OPT SHR Hair Removal Machine is the ideal solution for permanent hair removal services. As the manufacturer, we developed this dual technology machine to maximize profitability in beauty clinics. Featuring both powerful IPL and dedicated SHR handles, the APL2 covers 5 treatments with a single device.

OPT SHR hair removal machine

opt shr hair removal machine

OPT SHR hair removal is a multifunction machine, with 2 handles in one machine 

With 2 handpieces and an extra-long lifespan of 800000 shots guaranteed ( 5times longer than most handpieces), you can get a very fast return on your investment without having to worry about investing more money in consumables or changing handpieces.

In fact, the IPL controller can cover the functions of SHR, but why does IPL+SHR still exist? Because it’s more professional and more convenient. IPL handles focus on skin problems, such as whitening, skin rejuvenation, acne removal, and pigmentation removal, making the skin more elastic, smooth, and younger. The SHR handle is more focused on permanent hair removal, so you no longer have to suffer from excessive hair and can wear skirts without stress in summer.

Real display


These pictures are a representation of the actual machine, which means you will get the same representation of the machine as well. We are a real factory that supports the customization of various colors, such as White+silver color, white+gold color, white+blue color, and white+grey color, as we all know that different people like different colors, so you also can tell us what color you need?  Do you like customized products? Contact us!



Specification IPL SHR
Power supply 2000W 2000W
Energy/max 1-50J/cm2 1-50J/cm2
Wavelength 480/530/590/640/690 Fixed with 640nm
Spot size 12*30mm/12*50mm 15*50mm
Pulse duration 1-15ms 1-15ms
Frequency 1-10Hz
Cooling Level 1-5 level
Cooling System Air + Water + Wind + TEC + Sapphire sking contact cooling
Operation 12”TFT True Color Touch Screen
Electrical input 90-130V, 50/60Hz or 200-260V, 50Hz


The first handle is the IPL handle

IPL handle

IPL comes with 5 filters, not fixed filters. it with 480nm filter, 530nm filter, 590nm filter, 640nm filter, 690nm filter.
IPL is multi-functional and filters can be replaced according to customer needs.
IPL is a plug-in, not fixed.

The Second handle is the SHR handle

SHR handle

SHR handle is a single function, it only can do hair removal, super hair removal, and faster hair removal.

SHR handle is fixed filters, can’t change, it is 640nm fixed.

Your salon will get this feedback

IPL machine

IPL handle functions, different functions: Acne Treatment, Vascular Treatment, Pigment Treatment, Fair Skin Depilation, Dark Skin Depilation

shr hair removal

SHR handle function: Super permanent hair removal.

Normally, within two weeks, you can get a quick return when you do these treatments, hair removal, skin rejuvenation, acne removal, acne mark removal, pigmentation removal, and red bloodshot removal, can get a quick return, machine cost will be back in your hands soon.
At this time, the beauty salon will face a turning point. If the machine works well and your client sees the results, she will continue to come to you for treatment. If the machine doesn’t work well, your clients will stop having treatments. So when you choose a machine, choose a machine with good quality and stability. The effect will make you very satisfied, and your customers will also be very satisfied.

Warranty life

IPL SHR warranty

Each machine has a one-year warranty. During the warranty period, if you have any problems with your machine, please contact us.

If you don’t need to replace accessories, you just need instructions on how to use it, it’s very simple.

If you need to replace accessories, we will send the accessories for free, and the shipping fee is also free. You don’t have to worry about the cost because the machine is guaranteed.

What should I do if the warranty is exceeded?

Free service is still provided, but if you need accessories, you need to buy them yourself. Or you can extend the warranty period, like when you buy an Apple mobile phone or a car, you can also extend the warranty period. The same goes for machines. But for every machine, we will test it, then we will ship it, normally, no problem during 5~8 years!




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Portable OPT SHR Hair Removal Machine 2 in 1

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