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How to place an order of top 1 sales professional diode laser device during Chinese New Year Holiday?

How to place an order of top 1 sales professional diode laser device during Chinese New Year Holiday?

Firstly,our professional diode laser device with AH BH CH three generation professional diode laser handles for customer choose,

professional diode laser AH handle:25*25mm, with unique design extra cooling tip;

professional diode laser BH handle: big spot size 15*30mm+small tip 15*10mm;

professional diode laser CH handle: with LED Screen,15*30mm+12*15mm+Φ8mm

professional diode laser device

This is myself little suggestions for customer to choose AH BH or CH handle,

FDA approved professional diode laser machine factory- Stelle Laser

professional diode laser machine with 3 different handle options:

If you want most classical handle and most affordable price — please choose professional diode laser AH;

If you pursue the high power and bigger spot size with fast hair removal speed — please choose professional diode laser BH;

If you are a very high-end professional clinic and already have some similar machines for hair removal in your clinic, and now only want the best technology — please choose professional diode laser CH;


Choose 808nm single wave or triple waves?

755nm: especially good for very thin hair on white skin people and effective for hairs in anagen  and telogen;

808nm: suitable for black hair on the yellow skin or the light skin;

1064nm: very good for hair removal on dark skin people.


Secondly,choose vertical or portable model?

If you just use this machine in your salon clinic,don’t need to move it to others place,then choosevertical model,but the vertical model with more higher weight,the machine price and shipping cost both are higher;

If you will rental the machine often,then can choose the portable model,easy to move it to others places,but maybe you need prepare a desk to put it,with more cheaper price and shipping cost.


Thirdly,shell and screen logo?

If you need to put logo on machine shell and screen,or need customized special color,then we need to customizec for you in advance.

One most important thing need to confirm with you,we must to confirm that where you will use this machine?some customer buy it in their country,but will use it in others country,different country with different voltage,if the machine with not suitable voltage,will damage the handle,so i need to confirm the machine voltage with customer before arrange machine production.

Finally,after customer confirm diode laser handle,vertical or portable model, shell color,logo,voltage,then just need to payment USD200 as deposit through Western Union or Bank transfer is ok;

then we will arrange machine production witn 3-5 worker days as soon as we come back to work after holiday,when machine finish production,we can have a video call to show you the machine,after you confirm everything is well,then payment the balance,and we will arrange machine delivery immediately.

professional diode laser device

The most important thing that customer worried is after-sales service!

STELLELASER New After-sales Policy
1. Adjusted from the previous 12 months to 18 months. After-sales parts will be sent free of charge within 18 months, and the company will bear the freight.
2. If the laser bar breaks down within 12 months, we will send you the  laser bar as soon as possible. But please make sure you return the laser bar within 1 month. Please remember not to open the laser. If your laser bar breaks down after 2-3 years of use, as long as you do not turn on the laser bar, you can return it and we will try our best to repair it. You are responsible for the cost of repairs yourself.
3. Except for the laser bar, other after-sales accessories will not be returned to the factory. If you are willing to return, you will be responsible for the freight. We will send it to you after repairing it, and you can keep it as a backup.
4.If the professional diode laser device damaged due to non-human factors after receipt, the handpieces will be sent free of charge.

we will provide you all technical video online or through a video call,and our boss is technical engineer,when you have any other technical skills in near future,we can help you resolve it immediately

As we all know,clinic salon owner maybe not most professional in technical skills,when machine something wrong,they need asked local technical engineer to help,but our machine with special monitor alarming system,when any spare parts wrong,the spare parts button will turn yellow,then we will know where is wrong,then send you free spare parts immediately,won’t delay your work business

Our boss is techncial engineer,when you need any technical skills,we can have a video call or provide you others customer treatment video if necessary,but please not worry,our machine with super quality,and you just need to change Korea water filter every one year is ok.





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