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Tattoo Removal Machine 2 in 1 Laser

2in1 laser CH+NDYAG

For the tattoo removal machine 2in1 laser, after upgrading and transformation, the Diode handle was upgraded based on the original 2in1 laser, which is more in line with modern needs. To save time and cost, a monitor is installed on the handle and you can operate directly on the monitor. You can operate everything you need to adjust on the display, which is simpler and more time-saving. Especially when you need to change one or two parameters during the treatment, you will feel the convenience.

The eyebrow washing machine has also been slightly upgraded and can be equipped with an optional non-invasive treatment head. Because many customers have reported that bleeding during tattoo removal will make their patients feel uneasy. This is because many people go for tattoo removal for the first time and do not know much about tattoo removal, so they are scared to see bleeding, We support Optional non-invasive head, no bleeding during treatment, safer and more effective.

Real machine show

Tattoo Removal Machine 2 in 1

Tattoo Removal Machine 2 in 1 Laser real show, this machine is customized by our customers. The screen has been upgraded to the largest 16-inch screen, which is also the largest screen on the market. More and more customers like to use this super large screen. The screen seems to be a symbol of fashion and is sought after by many people. Bigness is just one of the advantages. Another advantage is that the 16-inch screen is high-definition. If you have used a non-HD screen, you will definitely fall in love with the high-definition screen. From the color point of view, this is pure white, which looks more elegant and pure.

What is the standard configuration of the machine?

2in1machine internal structure

When you receive the machine, you will know that your machine is an upgraded machine, and the screen is an upgraded screen, which is super large and super high-definition. The plug-in part has also been upgraded, making it easy to screw in or out without damaging your manicure.

Moreover, the interface of the machine has been processed and has a minimalist style interface, which is very easy to use, especially for novices. Moreover, our Diode laser is equipped with 3 treatments, which can permanently remove hair without any dead spots on the whole body. ND YAG usually has 3 treatment heads, but now you can add 2 treatment heads. The functions are similar, except that the 532nm non-invasive head and the 1064nm non-invasive head will not bleed, making it safer and more reassuring during use.

Technical content

Specification Diode Laser CH ND YAG Laser
Laser power 800W-1200W 500W
Energy/max 1-166J/cm2 1-1000mJ
Wavelength 808nm or Triple Wavelengths invasive tip 532nm,1064nm non-invasive 532nm,1064nm and 1320nm
Spot size 30*15mm +15*15mm + φ8mm 6mm
Pulse duration 10-300ms 10ns-20ns
Frequency 1-10Hz
Cooling Level 1-5 level
Cooling System  Sapphire Crystal + Air + Closed Water Circulation + Semiconductor +TEC
Electrical input 100/110V /230V~260V
Warranty 2Year

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Hair & Tattoo Removal Machine 2 in 1 Laser

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