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Attention! How to distinguish 808 laser hair removal instrument Micro channel Macro channel No channel hair removal instrument

In market there are many types of diode laser hair removal instrument, such as Micro channel Macro channel No channel. Many customer only focus on lower price, but not consider machine quality and super feedback,then buy a cheaper machine, but without any effect after treatment.

hair removal instrument

Cheaper Diode Laser with channelless Laser Bar,99% of factories use macro channels,The macro channel palladium strip is 50W. The inlet and outlet holes flow out behind the palladium strip. The requirements for water quality are not high. The diode laser water flow is 7-8, and the eyebrow washing machine is 9-10. A filter must be used for 808, otherwise scale will block the inlet and outlet. Water holes cannot dissipate heat and will burn out the laser. Each palladium strip in the microchannel is 100W, and water flows out from behind the palladium strip, which requires very high water quality. Purified water or distilled water must be used. If tap water is used, there is a high chance of burning out the laser and the cost is high.

There are many types of hair removal instruments. On the market, 808 semiconductor laser hair removal instruments are the best choice, but the types of 808 are also very different, so how should we choose a good 808 hair removal instrument? What is important for an 808 freezing point hair removal instrument? For many people, hair removal is just a project to recruit customers, and the fee is not high; but although hair removal is only a project to recruit customers, it is not possible to use poor equipment to cause injury! Naturally, what we need to consider is not only the single cost of the instrument as a customer, but also the effect that the instrument can achieve for hair removal! The 808 semiconductor hair removal instruments on the market can be divided into three categories according to their heat dissipation and cooling methods: no channel, macro channel, and micro channel. So what is the point of difference and how is the difference between each channel?

The effective number of light output of the instrument without channel is 2 million, and the number of hair removal needs about 6 times. Although the heat dissipation of the instrument with this configuration is water-cooled, it mainly relies on the fan, and the heat dissipation is poor. Therefore, when operating it for customers, the customer will have obvious tingling sensation. Because it is a chip laser, there may be places where the hair removal treatment is not in place, which will affect the effect. Later, the absorption of pigments in the hair follicles for the hair requires higher energy, but if the energy adjustment is too high, the client will experience significant pain, and it can only be operated with low energy. The poor heat dissipation of the instrument will also cause the problem that the laser in the handle of the instrument is easy to burn out in the long-term overheating environment; at the same time, due to insufficient heat dissipation, the instrument cannot work for a long time, and the instrument needs to stop working after a period of operation. Cool the instrument.


Hair Removal Instrument : Micro channel V.S. Macro channel V.S. No channel  

Macro-channel hair removal instrument

The effective light output times of the macro-channel instrument handle is about 5 million rounds, and the hair removal times are about 5 times. The heat dissipation method of the instrument is fan plus water circulation to dissipate heat. The contact area between the heat dissipation channel and the laser is limited, and the heat dissipation is better than that of the instrument without channels. There will still be a tingling feeling when operating on the client, and the energy cannot be adjusted too high for the client, and there will still be some cases where the hair of some clients cannot be completely removed in the later stage. At the same time, due to the insufficient heat dissipation ability of the instrument for the laser, the instrument cannot work for a long time, and the handle weighs 2 kg, so the beautician cannot hold it for a long time at all. The biggest disadvantage is that it is easy to burn the palladium bar. At the same time, there will also be failures in the handle after working for about 4 months, and the failure repair rate of the instrument is high.

Micro-channel hair removal instrument

The effective number of light emitting times of the micro-channel instrument can reach more than 10 million times, and the number of hair removal times that the instrument can achieve is about 3 times. The specific number of times required by different customers, different parts, and different hair colors is also different. The final effect that the instrument can achieve is that a small amount of fine non-pigmented fluff will grow on the hair removal site in about a year, which will not affect the visual sense. The 808 semiconductor laser hair removal instrument with micro-channel configuration adopts air-cooled + water-cooled + semiconductor triple cooling method. The micro-channel technology makes the contact area between the water circulation channel and the laser larger, and the heat dissipation effect is better. At the same time, the temperature of the instrument handle is controlled at 4- About 5 degrees, it can ensure that the operation of the instrument can ensure that the freezing point is painless and will not freeze, and will not produce water drops inside the laser, ensuring the service life of the laser, and at the same time avoiding skin damage caused by the handle being too cold.

hair removal instrument

Many customer not professional and will cheated by other factors about the laser bar real watts,this is one of my customer talking report for your check,

hair removal instrument


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