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Laser Hair Removal Diode Laser 3 Wavelengths Salon Equipment

Laser hair removal diode

laser hair diode

This laser hair removal diode machine, customers prefer to call: the DOUBLE COOLING HANDLE DIODE LASER MACHINE. Let us focus on the handle. The treatment head is 15*15mm and the cold compress head is 25*25mm. But in fact, these two parts have TEC cooling pieces, so they both have cooling functions, double cooling, so there is a Double cooling handle diode laser machine.

Compared with the desktop hair removal machine, the vertical machine has a larger water tank, better heat dissipation, and can continue to work for a long time.

Laser hair removal diode Real show

real diode laser machine

This is the actual picture taken by the machine. Compared to the rendered picture, we prefer to show you the real picture. The design of the machine meets the aesthetic requirements, and the actual display is very beautiful.

The machine itself weighs about 55kg. It is difficult for one person to carry it, but it has wheels at the bottom for easy movement. If you want to fix the position, you can also lock the wheels so they won’t move easily and stay fixed there.

The screen is 12 inches, and now there are 16-inch screens that can be upgraded to meet the needs of various people.

The color is white-green, and the quiet green looks more atmospheric. If you like the color, we will send the exact same machine to you. If you don’t like this color, you can also tell us what your favorite color is, and our factory can customize the color you want for free.

Quick Double Cooling

laser hair removal

1. A double cooling machine, with a wide cooling area, truly achieves painless hair removal during the hair removal treatment.

2. The cooling effect is rapid and can quickly freeze within 1 to 2 minutes. From the first minute of treatment, it is painless hair removal.

3. 2pcs TEC cooling parts have high cooling intensity and dual cooling because we all know that the energy output by the laser is hot, and a very high level of cooling intensity is required to make the patient feel comfortable.

All skin tones hair removal

all skin tones hair removal

In the past, there was only a single band of 808nm on the market, but with the development of time and the update of the technology, 3 bands (755+808+1064nm) were produced. The 3 bands are in one shot, and each shot is a mixed band. It is more effective for permanent hair removal on dark skin tones.

In addition to dark skin tones, it is also very friendly to hair removal on very, very light skin tones. If your customer group includes these two skin colors, the two extreme skin colors of very white and very dark, then it is recommended that you choose  3band (755+808+1064nm). On the contrary, if your customer group does not have these two types of skin colors, both For customers with medium skin tones, it is recommended that the 808 band is sufficient and can save costs. Because we all know that the 808nm band is cheaper than the 3-band.

Whether it is 808nm or 3-band, the ultimate goal is permanent hair removal. If you encounter any problems with the operation, you can contact us and we will serve you 24 hours a day!

Technical information

Lifespan 20 million shots
Laser Power 500W
Machine Power 2000W
Spot Size 15*15mm & 25*25mm for extra cooling tip
Wavelength 808nm or triple wavelengths 755 808 1064
Energy Density 1-166J/cm2
Laser Source 100% pure AuSn US Coherent laser bars
Cooling System Water + Air + TEC + Sapphire
Display 12-inch/16-inch touchscreen
Net Weight 30kg
Gross Weight 68kg
Packing Size 110*63*61cm

Diode laser feedback

Diode laser feedback

This set of photos is feedback from a Russian customer. After she received the machine, she asked her friend to test it because her friend was also interested in the hair removal machine. After her friend completed the test, he also purchased an identical machine.

Four months later, the Russian customer purchased another machine, but this time the color was changed. Everything else was exactly the same.

One month later, the Russian customer purchased another identical machine.

She is just a beauty salon, not a distributor. We all know that the beauty salon bought 3 pcs machines and its satisfaction with the machines is very, very high.

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Laser Hair Removal Diode Laser 3 Wavelengths Salon Equipment

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