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CO2 laser training

This is an article about CO2 laser training. Are you also worried about how to use the CO2 laser? Are you still facing the instruction manual and still afraid to operate it? Then please read the following training content carefully, and you will suddenly understand.

How does CO2 laser work?

After power is supplied, the CO2 gas inside begins to collide on both sides. After the collision, it releases light. This light has a wavelength of 10600nm and is mainly used for skin reconstruction and skin reorganization.

Why choose RF laser instead of glass?

Because glass is prone to cracking after being heated, the peak value of the light emitted fluctuates, which affects the effect of treating the skin.

What are its main applications for CO2 laser?

Large pores, acne pits, and scars can all be treated with this machine.

How can it achieve the effect?

After the light guide arm outputs light, a CPG pattern generator is installed to change the original thick beam of light into a form of N small focal spots and hit the skin. Therefore, if a beam of light acts on the same treated area, it will cause great damage to the skin, but the many small forms of thermal damage to the skin will be isolated, making it less likely to cause postoperative complications, such as blisters and left behind. Scars and other side effects are greatly reduced.

Three systems, fractional +super pulse+vaginal mode

Fractional system: Suitable for improving enlarged pores, rough skin, thick pores, and rough skin.
Super pulse system: protruding growths on the skin, such as flat warts, the kind on the neck
Vaginal system: firming, whitening

CO2 laser training Fractional operation interface

CO2 laser training
CO2 laser training

















The ① and  ② are the size of the graphics and the size of the graphics according to the treatment area. 1~20mm adjustable, 1~20mm adjustable
The ③  is power, 1~30W. The greater the power, the greater the damage to the epidermis and the thicker the spots.
The ④  is the point spacing, the distance between points is 0.1~2mm
The ⑤  is the point residence (duration) time, the depth of penetration
The ⑥ is the interval between the last point and the point does not affect the depth or effect. What affects is the length of time it takes to complete the figure.

The fractional system can be applied to:

1. For scars (protruding scars, hypertrophic scars), grind them down layer by layer and peel them off until they are level with the skin, like a grinder, so adjust the point spacing smaller to make it denser. You can also use this peeling method, which is safe.
2. The scars left by injuries or girls who have not recovered well from cesarean section can also be rubbed away layer by layer. After completing the treatment, do not touch the water for 3 days. The anesthetic can be applied to the client, but the anesthetic is only superficial because there is no anesthetic underneath. It is suitable to inject a little numbing medicine from the root. You can buy waterproof band-aids and take them off after bathing. I don’t usually use band-aids. You can apply some restorative products, such as erythromycin ointment, which can reduce inflammation, and repair and relieve itching.
3. If there are a lot of stretch marks, you can do 1/3 or 1/2 of the stretch marks in a jumping manner. After three days, do the remaining part in a jumping manner. There are many roots, the first one is hit, the third one is hit, the fifth one is hit, and after 3 days, the second one is hit, the fourth one is hit, and so on. And if one is very long, you can also hit it by jumping.

CO2 laser training Super pulse system

super pulse system
















The super pulse system can be applied to:

Used for protruding growths on the skin, such as flat warts, the kind on the neck

CO2 laser training vaginal system

vaginal mode system
















They are 3 modes in this system, The first one is for the inner vagina, and the next two are for the vulva.

The vaginal system can be applied to:

Vaginal relaxation and tightening after giving birth or relaxation caused by long-term sexual life.

The internal spiral folds are easy to breed bacteria and prone to some gynecological inflammation

such as itching, odor, and other problems, which can be improved by using the inner vagina. The main purpose is to tighten it and make the inside smooth, making it less likely for bacteria to remain, and at the same time improving sex life.

6 tips for your reference

Tips 1: You need to get a test report from the hospital to do CO2 laser treatment. Because if there is cervical erosion, the degree is serious. After the treatment, the impact will be more serious and the disease will become more serious. Most women have gynecological inflammation. Gynecological inflammation is generally fine. Instead, its heat has a bactericidal effect and can relieve our symptoms. Do not do it for particularly serious gynecological inflammation. So first get the hospital report before you can do it.

Tip 2: After making a circle, pull it out a little. Select the round shape on the interface and use 360° to make it. Move half a scale at a time and move it every 5mm.

Tip 3: The inner vagina does not require anesthesia. There are no pain-sensing nerves in the inner vagina, so you will not feel pain, only heat.

Tip 4: It can only be done 6 months after giving birth to avoid the menstrual period. It can be done up to 3 times a year, once every 1 to 2 months. The first year is called treatment, and the rest is called maintenance. You can do it 1 to 2 times a year.

Tip 5: Try to use one for each customer to avoid cross-infection. This metal tube can be recycled. From the perspective of hygiene and infection, we recommend that each customer use one head alone to avoid diseases. A head can be used several times. For example, it has been used three times this year. If you buy it yourself, you will always use it. Avoid sharing one device with multiple people, which increases the chance of infection.
The ones outside are made of metal shelves, used for expansion, and are purchased separately by the customer. Alcohol cannot be disinfected, and high-temperature disinfection is required.

Tips 6: It can be reused, but it’s not very good. If you don’t need to buy extra and only use one set of heads, for example, there are 10 customers in the store who want to use it, but there is only one set of heads in the store after each customer is finished, , disassemble and assemble independently. After disassembly, wash it in running water, brush it clean with a small brush, soak it in alcohol for half an hour, and then put it into a high-pressure medical device steaming pot for disinfection. After disinfection, just wipe it twice with alcohol before use.

CO2 laser Two vulva canal treatment sites

The first vulva head acts on the labia. Some people’s labia are not full and are very dry, and they need to be made fuller. If your labia are dry and dark and you want them to be fuller, whiter, and more tender, choose this device.

The second vulva head acts on the cervix (vaginal opening). For example, some people’s vaginal opening is a little dull or black. If we want to make it whiter and smoother, we use this head. Make a square shape and only do the surface.

5 tips for your reference

Tip 1: The vulva can be cleaned with alcohol. The vulva does not need to come into contact with the skin. Leave a little distance to prevent it from being stained with body fluids. You can also put it in a high-temperature place for disinfection.
Tip 2 If the labia are a little painful, you can use an anesthetic
Tip 3 The more children you have, the thinner your vagina will be and the easier it will be to bleed. You will bleed after doing it and your energy will be lower.
Tip 4: Non-epidermal tissues are divided After treatment

After treatment for CO2 laser

Do not touch raw water for 48 hours.
Use medical cold compresses for cold compresses, apply ice immediately after surgery for up to 30 minutes, or burn ointment, which will be more comfortable, or restorative products
Avoid spicy, spicy, and colored foods, such as black, and do not drink them within 3 days to a week. Why are you not allowed to eat black food, because you are afraid that it will become dark and pigmented, such as coffee, cola, soy sauce, sauce, and peeled eggplant? It’s just a precaution, it doesn’t necessarily mean that pigmentation will occur after eating it.
It will fall off naturally. Do not use external force to tear off the scab to prevent scarring.
Do not put on makeup before peeling off the scabs. Apply some moisturizing products, but do not apply foundation or foundation.
The skin will be tender after the scabs are removed. Pay attention to sun protection, moisturize more, and apply a facial mask. Masks containing vitamins E and C are fine. Masks containing vitamin A cannot be used, but they can be eaten
The pain in the epidermis will disappear in 1 to 3 days, and the scab will peel off as soon as you no longer feel it. into sensitive and non-sensitive, but this does not exist for vaginal treatment. What exists is the problem of thin and thick vaginal walls. For example, after too many children and too many miscarriages, the vaginal walls will become thinner. Therefore, low energy and low pulse width treatments will be performed. Your energy is lower after you have just given birth because you are not sure whether it has been repaired.
Tip 5: If you are born with labia majora or have a long-term sexual life, the energy and pulse width should be high, so the values given are interval values.

The above is  CO2 laser training, what you need to know. And then you can operate your CO2 laser with confidence! If you still have any problems, you can feel free to contact us for training online!



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